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A Contemporary Realism Art Gallery and Framing Studio

Situated beneath the Coronet Peak ski field, on the outskirts of Queenstown, Aurum Gallery offers a select showing of highly acclaimed representational artworks.

From the Aurum Gallery website:

We are delighted to have been selected as one of only two galleries worldwide to showcase the incredible works of Brisbane based Living Master Gordon Hanley ARCLM. Indeed, this privileged opportunity has shaped the direction of Aurum Gallery, for not only is Gordon one of the finest representational artists in the world, he has achieved the ability to produce works in precious metals that are, quite simply, without equal. This 600 year old Renaissance art form, known as metalpoint, is the art of drawing with a metal stylus onto a prepared surface and, thanks to his scientific background, Gordon has progressed this delicate medium, usually in pure 24ct gold, to levels never previously achieved. As he once stated, “…metalpoint is fraught with challenges - you need to be an artist to recognise them and a scientist to know how to solve them…”




David Marsh of Aurum Gallery says"Our inventory is constantly changing, and they are always seeking new contributing artists. One thing that will always remain constant, however, is our dedication to realism / ultra realism. We believe this represents the ultimate combination of gift and discipline and as such appears to be the domain of the gifted few.

Aurum Gallery, in conjunction with The Framing Studio, is also proud to be able to offer a custom framing service by New Zealand’s only Master Certified Picture Framer. Much of what we offer is unavailable elsewhere in New Zealand, and we would love to make these offerings available to you all, as well as the design skills of New Zealand’s most awarded framer.

A warm (even in the depths of winter!) welcome is extended to Queenstown’s residents and visitors alike.

Accepting Bitcoin

David says "I have been following bitcoin for approximately 8 years or so, but really took the plunge about 3 years ago, something that has proved to be life changing!"

Aurum Gallery accepts Bitcoin payments for both artwork and framing services.

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