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Accepting Bitcoin: Connect Chiropractic

Connect Chiropractic is a community-focused chiropractic wellness centre in Ferrymead, striving to make chiropractic care accessible to absolutely everyone through their Koha (pay as you can) Fee System.


“Bitcoin appeared to us at our lowest moment. From there the world became a lot clearer. Our future feels so much more certain now. Bitcoin has allowed us to be super focused on the now, on our family and how we can best serve humanity. All we have to do is stay humble and stack sats,” says Director Matt Wild.

In their first four years Connect Chiropractic have contributed over $1,000,000 to their local Christchurch community via donations to community organisations and through subsidised chiropractic care. They were a finalist for the New Zealand Wide Sustainable Business Network Awards in 2020 for the impact they have made in Christchurch. And also were a finalist as the top emerging business in the Westpac Champion Business Awards in 2021.

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