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Retreat near Lake Wakatipu helping people learn about what makes humans thrive.

Damian Chaparro is the co-founder of Aro Hā Wellness Retreat, located 40-minutes from Queenstown in the idyllic Southern Alps. Aro Hā is a holistic health retreat focussed on helping people transform their physical and emotional health through an in-residence programme developing daily habits such as yoga, pilates, and nature hikes. Through this process guests learn about what makes humans thrive, including physical, mental, and spiritual health.


“We have a lot of international customers in general, people from all over the world. It is about 70% female, 30% male. Everyone from a Southland farmer interested in mindfulness, to people who have had a divorce, or someone who wants to get ready for an adventure race,” says Damian.

Aro Hā has just turned 10 years old in June 2023, and has rolled out a new online booking system that integrates with Open Node to accept bitcoin.

Accepting Bitcoin

“Many of our guests are international and using Visa or Mastercard currently,” says Damian.

“We are super excited to accept bitcoin and to have a safe, secure, and low cost way to receive payments, whether they are small or large transactions. I think the qualities of Bitcoin are tough to beat when they all work together.”

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